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Increase in Food Safety Inspections by Washoe County Health Department Starting July 1st - Be Prepared!


If you are categorized as a Risk Level III facility (examples of Risk Level III food establishments include full service restaurants, continuous operation casino/resort kitchens, buffets, manufacturers of potentially hazardous food and caterers serving potentially hazardous food) by the Washoe County Health Department, prepare for additional inspections between July 1 and December 31st, 2019. These additional inspections are designed to help the WCHD meet the standards for the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards. The FDA standards specify the Health Department should be inspecting Risk Level III establishments at least three times per year.


Additionally, after completion of any additional inspection, the establishment will be invoiced for the $180 inspection fee as the current fees adopted in 2015 were calculated to include only one inspection for each facility per year.


You can read the announcement by the WCHD here:         Ensure you are up to date on employee training and have the minimum required CFPM (Certified Food Protection Managers) for your facility. 

New Food Safety Regulations Effective September 9th 2019:

Access the NEW Washoe County Health Department regulations here.

Get Certified is a locally owned and operated food safety training company.
State law requires that each food service establishment have a minimum of one person at each location be trained and certified as a Food Protection Manager (CFPM). Most locations require multiple CFPMs. Get Certified offers multiple ways for you to earn your certification. 
Food Safety Training

Get Certified offers one-day certification training along with private on-site classes. 

Health Department Pre-Inspections

Be prepared for your next inspection! We can walk you through what you can expect during an inspection and maximize your inspection score your customers will see.

Online Training & Test Proctoring

Can't make it to a physical class? No problem! We offer online curriculum and test proctoring.

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